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Welcome to Foundation Rescue Pros, where we understand the importance of a solid foundation for the stability and safety of your home. With decades of expertise in Gainesville, TX foundation repair. We are the most widely trusted foundation contractors Gainesville has to offer, and we ensure that your property stands on a solid and secure foundation. At Foundation Rescue Pros, we take pride in our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions to address a variety of foundation issues, from settling and sinking to cracks and structural instability.

Our commitment extends beyond merely addressing the visible signs of foundation problems. We pride ourselves on a full-spectrum approach that involves identifying and rectifying the root causes of foundation issues. Improper drainage is a common culprit, often leading to soil erosion and instability beneath the foundation. Our experts thoroughly assess the drainage conditions around your property, pinpointing areas of concern that might be contributing to foundation damage.

To tackle these underlying issues, our repair specialists offer a range of solutions, including the installation of high-quality gutters and French drains. Our gutter systems effectively channel rainwater away from the foundation, preventing excess moisture accumulation that can lead to soil expansion and contraction. Additionally, our French drain installations provide a strategic drainage solution by redirecting water away from critical areas, ensuring that the soil remains stable and less prone to causing foundation problems.

By addressing both the visible signs of foundation damage and the root causes, such as improper drainage, our team goes the extra mile to provide comprehensive and long-lasting solutions. We believe in not only repairing foundations but also in implementing preventive measures to fortify your home against future issues. Choose Foundation Rescue Pros for a complete foundation rescue experience that prioritizes the health and stability of your property.

Foundation Repairs in Gainesville, TX

Recognizing the signs of foundation issues can be difficult. In many cases, a foundation specialist needs to be called in order to verify problems. We’ve put together a list below of common symptoms. If you see one or more of these issues in and around your home, call foundation rescue pros today for a free evaluation.

  1. Cracks in Walls, Floors, and Ceilings: Visible cracks, especially those that appear in a stair-step pattern along walls or across floors, can indicate foundation settling. These cracks may start small but can widen over time, signaling a need for professional inspection and repair.
  2. Doors and Windows Not Aligned: Difficulty in opening or closing doors and windows, or gaps around them, may suggest foundation movement. As the foundation settles unevenly, it can affect the alignment of these fixtures, creating noticeable changes in their operation.
  3. Uneven or Sloping Floors: If you notice that your floors are no longer level or have developed a noticeable slope, it could be a sign of foundation issues. This uneven settling may result from soil movement beneath the foundation, necessitating a thorough evaluation.
  4. Visible Gaps Around Exterior Doors: Gaps between the exterior doors and their frames can indicate foundation problems. As the foundation settles, the framing around doors may shift, leading to visible openings that compromise both energy efficiency and structural integrity.
  5. Crawlspace Issues: Water accumulation, dampness, or the presence of mold in basements or crawlspaces can be indicative of foundation problems. Water seepage can result from cracks or shifts in the foundation, and addressing these issues promptly is crucial to preventing further damage.
  6. Brick or Chimney Cracks: Cracks in exterior bricks or the chimney can signal foundation movement. If you observe gaps or separations in the brickwork, it’s essential to consult professionals to assess whether foundation repairs are necessary.
  7. Pooled Water Around the Foundation: Water pooling near the foundation can lead to soil erosion and contribute to foundation issues. Poor drainage can exacerbate the problem, making it essential to address both water accumulation and drainage concerns.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s advisable to seek the expertise of foundation professionals for a thorough inspection. Early detection and timely repairs can save homeowners from costly and extensive foundation damage, preserving the structural integrity of the home for years to come.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repairs

Most of the homes in Gainesville are built on pier and beam foundations. These types of foundations are regularly found in both residential and commercial buildings. A pier and beam foundation consists of vertical supports, called piers, and beams that span between the piers. The vertical piers elevate the structure above ground level, and the beams sit on top of these piers to form the foundation of the home. The entire house is then built on top of this foundation.

Pier and beam foundations have a lot of advantages, including ventilation and accessibility to the foundation for repairs when needed. However, these foundations can sometimes still require maintenance. If you find that your pier and beam home is starting to slope or has dips in the floor, give us a call today for a free estimate and inspection.

Slab Foundation Repairs

Slab foundations aren’t as common in Gainesville, but there are quite a few in our area. Newer homes are more likely to utilize this type of foundation. Just like pier and beam foundations, slabs may need maintenance or repairs. Over time, factors such as soil settlement, moisture changes, and poor construction practices can contribute to foundation problems with slabs. These issues can lead to issues like cracks, uneven settling, or structural instability. To address these issues, our foundation repair experts will first conduct a thorough inspection to determine the problems, causes, and issues. We will then put together a plan of action in order to repair the existing slab and reduce the chance of issues later.

House Leveling

House leveling, also known as foundation leveling, is a process used to adjust the elevation of a house’s foundation to ensure it is level and stable. Over time, a home’s foundation can sink or sag, which can cause its floors to become uneven. House leveling is performed to fix these problems and prevent further damage to the structure.

Our house leveling pros can get your home’s foundation back to its original state. With our free inspection, we will take a look at any uneven portions of the home and find the root cause. Call today to find out why we’re the #1 foundation contractors in Gainesville, Texas.

French Drains

If your yard is prone to flooding and you’re having foundation issues, it’s likely due to the fact that too much water around your foundation can be as harmful as not enough moisture around the foundation. With foundation rescue pros, we can assess any issues you’re having in your yard and recommend solutions to stop future flooding.

French drains are an excellent way to divert groundwater away from a home’s foundation. Our professional team can help you plan, install, and maintain a variety of different French drains and other underground drainage systems.


Another one of our specialties is installing and maintaining gutters. Gutters in a home or business can be a vital part of maintaining your foundation’s health. Without proper drainage from gutters, rainwater simply falls off the roof and soaks the ground next to your home’s foundation. Regardless of whether you have a slab foundation or a pier-and-beam foundation, too much moisture can cause sinking and cracking.

The professionals at Foundation Rescue Pros can assist with a variety of different styles of gutters. By installing and maintaining a gutter system around your home, your foundation will thank you.

Why Chose Us?

Choose Foundation Rescue Pros for a blend of experience, expertise, and our customer-centric approach. Your home’s foundation is our priority, and we are here to ensure it stands strong for years to come. We offer free inspections, and we’ve been in business for over 30 years. Our Gainesville, TX foundation repair professionals will not only fix your foundation, but we can also identify issues that are likely to cause more damage in the future. Installing things like French drains and gutters will keep your home’s foundation level and flat.

Reach out today for a free inspection and see why we are consistently rated as the top foundation repair company in Gainesville, Texas.

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We operate from Gainesville, TX, and serve the greater Cooke County area, including Gainesville, Muenster, Lake Kiowa, Callisburg, Lindsay, and Valley View. We serve the following zip codes:

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The typical pier and beam foundation repair can vary widely based on many different factors, including how much damage has already occurred to the home, whether water management systems need to be installed, the size of the home, accessibility to the foundation access points, and more. Generally, these repairs cost between $3500 and $6000.
We work year-round, but the conditions during the winter make it most favorable for foundation repairs. The lower temperatures and humidity make foundation repairs easier to complete.
We advise homeowners to wait at least six weeks before repairing gaps and cracks in walls, ceilings, and floors. The six-week timeframe allows the wooden structure of the home to completely settle on its new foundational support.
Yes. Foundation issues would have to be extremely severe in order for the house to be unsafe to live in. We rarely see this kind of foundation damage, as it's usually either fixed or the house is demolished before it gets to that extent.
Usually, yes. The greater the foundation issue, the greater it will cost to repair it, so it's a good idea to have foundation work done as soon as possible.
Pier and beam foundations can be expected to last around 75 years in ideal conditions with proper maintenance. Water management issues and soil that expands and contracts throughout the seasons can reduce this lifespan and require additional repairs.
Foundation repairs vary widely, and so do the times needed to complete them. Our normal job times are somewhere between one day and three days for most foundations; however, larger jobs can take weeks.
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