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House Leveling in Gainesville, TX

House leveling, foundation leveling, or home leveling is a complex process that requires expertise and specialized equipment. It’s essential to address foundation issues as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to the structure. Homeowners should be on the lookout for signs of foundation problems, such as cracks in walls, doors, or windows that no longer close properly or uneven floors, and seek professional assistance if these issues surface. Timely foundation repair not only safeguards the structural integrity of the house but also preserves its long-term value.

How Do You Level A House?

In order to level a house, our trained professionals will start by conducting a thorough inspection of the home and the foundation to identify issues and the amount of damage already done. The foundation expert may take into consideration things like cracks in the walls, uneven floors, doors, and windows that won’t shut, and other signs or foundation issues. The technician will then write a scope of work, including details of the repair and price.

The day the house leveling job starts, the area around the foundation may need to be prepared. This process can vary from home to home but can involve removing certain plants, debris, or obstacles near the foundation that could get in the way of the leveling process. From there, the leveling process will vary depending on the type of foundation.

Slab leveling involves digging holes at certain intervals around the foundation areas that have sunk. Once a hole is dug next to and under the foundation, piers can be driven down into the earth until they reach specific depths, usually bedrock. These cylindrical concrete piers stack on top of one another until they almost reach the bottom of the slab. A series of pneumatic jacks are then used to lift portions of the slab back into their original place, and steel shims are placed between the slab and the concrete piers. When this is done correctly, the result is a smooth and flat slab.

Pier and beam leveling is generally a little more simple and involves pneumatic jacks to push up on sections of the beam that have sunk downward. Steel shims are placed between the beam and the bottom of the home in order to level the pier and beam foundation.

Once the home leveling has been completed, the Gainesville foundation leveling expert needs to do a survey of any existing damage to the foundation, like cracks, gaps, or crumbling concrete. Repairs generally involve filling voids, sealing cracks, and reinforcing areas that are damaged. From there, if a final inspection of all repair work is completed to verify that the foundation has been restored.

Gainesville, TX Home Leveling Experts

Whether your home sits on a pier and beam or a slab foundation, we can help you bring it back to level with our home leveling service. We’ll also look for and identify any issues involving water runoff that could be negatively affecting your foundation, like improper drainage. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and our customer satisfaction is second to none. Call the foundation repair experts today to get started.

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